Legal Aid Consultancy London

Vicky has been helping organisations prepare for Legal Aid Contract Manager visits by carrying out an internal audit in advance so that you can be fully aware of your strengths and weaknesses.

The Legal Aid Agency needs to achieve an overall level of “materiality of error” of less than 1% to satisfy the National Audit Office. This means that in the small samples taken by Contract Managers at on site audits, you are aiming for a 0% error rate. This is not easy!

If the LAA identifies ‘excess claiming’ and a further audit is required, you may be required to pay the reasonable costs of that further audit, if it is found that you have made excess claims.

Vicky will advise you how to play to your strengths and implement any corrective action in good time to minimise fee recoupment.

Your advice played a very important part and I am sorry I had not had it at an earlier stage in the life of the department

Head of Immigration Department after achieving category 1 contract compliance audit status.

Your work was excellent and you were so friendly reassuring, and supportive

Family practitioner assisted to make a successful appeal after an initial contract refusal.