Review and Evaluation

Vicky’s experience of legal advice service delivery and audit makes her a valued evaluator. She has carried out reviews for the London Legal Services Trust and Legal Education Foundation, amongst others.

Over the past decade or so there has been an emphasis on voluntary organisations working in partnership with each other and with statutory and commercial bodies in order to produce better outcomes for service users, to increase efficiency, and to leverage additional resources.

This ‘how to guide’ identifies the factors that made collaboration work in three research areas (Bristol, Luton and Suffolk) and provides practical hints and tips, based on their experience. It also contains links to wider best practice materials.

You can read the guide here:  Collaboration How To Guide

You can download her report on the Advice Brighton and Hove webcam project here.


Vicky has a regular practice management column in Legal Action magazine

Vicky’s latest books are:

– The ‘Legal Aid Handbook 2017 – 18’ LAG 2017 (with Simon Pugh and Anthony Edwards)
– The ‘Legal Aid Handbook 2015-16’ LAG 2015 (with Simon Pugh and Anthony Edwards)
– The Solicitors Office Procedures Manual with Matthew Moore – Professional Compliance Publishing (2nd edition 2015)
– The Client Care Toolkit with Fiona Westwood – the Law Society (2015)
– The Complaints Handling Toolkit with Fiona Westwood – the Law Society (2014)
– The Legal Aid Toolkit – the Law Society, with Andrew Otterburn (2012)

Your advice played a very important part and I am sorry I had not had it at an earlier stage in the life of the department

Head of Immigration Department after achieving category 1 contract compliance audit status.

Your work was excellent and you were so friendly reassuring, and supportive

Family practitioner assisted to make a successful appeal after an initial contract refusal.