Legal Aid Consultancy Yorkshire

Legal Aid practitioners in Yorkshire should have an annual visit from their Legal Aid Agency Contract Manager. As long as the visit goes smoothly, it is likely to be a one-off; but if there are problems, you can find yourself facing a series of visits and a long list of corrective action. Vicky can help you ensure that you will be able to provide evidence of compliance when requested and meet the key performance indicators under your contract.

Vicky will help you demonstrate:

  • Evidence of 14 hours work if you are a mental health or crime supervisor
  • Compliant evidence of means if you are a family or civil practitioner
  • Correctly completed Legal Help Forms if you are a family or civil practitioner
  • Correct claim codes for controlled work

Lexcel Consultant Yorkshire

Vicky has helped practices in Yorkshire to prepare for Lexcel accreditation – whether applying for the first time and reviewing and implementing all your systems and procedures or ensuring everything is in place for your annual maintenance visit.

She will review all your policies, practices and procedures and, where needed,  suggest ways of doing things more effectively and efficiency, whilst still complying with the Lexcel standard. Vicky’s wide knowledge and experience means that she is aware of best practice and how you can implement it in ways to suit your practice ethos and culture.

Vicky ensures that you fully understand what you need to do to meet the Lexcel standard, including running through the questions assessors usually ask members of staff, so that they feel confident and can do their very best.

Vicky is accredited as a Lexcel Consultant by the Law Society and has provided Lexcel consultancy to dozens of practices since the standard was launched in 1997.

If you are looking for a template Office Manual to help you comply with any of the main quality standards that apply to lawyers, you can find out about one here.

Your advice played a very important part and I am sorry I had not had it at an earlier stage in the life of the department

Head of Immigration Department after achieving category 1 contract compliance audit status.

Your work was excellent and you were so friendly reassuring, and supportive

Family practitioner assisted to make a successful appeal after an initial contract refusal.